Charts and Data

Charts and Data

The archdiocese has substantiated at least one allegation of sexual abuse of a minor against 80 clerics, who are identified on the archdiocese’s weblist of Clergy with Allegations of Sexual Abuse of a Minor Substantiated by the Archdiocese. For each allegation that has been made against those clerics (and was either substantiated by the archdiocese’s Review Board or presented and settled as a legal claim), this chart reflects the years when the allegations were reported to the archdiocese, together with the years of the first alleged incidents of abuse. Report counts (orange bars) are based on the dates that the allegations were reported to the archdiocese. Incident counts (blue line) are presented as the five-year rolling average of the number of alleged first incidents of abuse in each year.

Key Dates:

1978 50% of INCIDENTS occured before 1978
1992 Archdiocese of Chicago Misconduct Policy established
2002 January – Boston series; June – U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops adopts the “Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People”
2014 Archdiocese of Chicago publishes priest file material online



  1. Allegations against Daniel McCormack are not included.
  2. The Review Board did not review allegations against (a) deceased priests after March 2003 or (b) resigned or laicized priests after November 2010. Pursuant to policies effective April 2023, the Review Board now reviews allegations against deceased or departed clerics where the cleric is not already identified on the archdiocese’s weblist.